Callosciurus caniceps
7 500-12 000 rub.

Grey-bellied squirrel(Callosciurus caniceps)

Class — mammalia
Order — rodentia
Family — sciuridae

Genus – callosciurus


The upperside of the body is olive brown, and the belly light grey or silvery. The long tail is thick with fur, sometimes with vague grey banding and sometimes a black tip. In some forms there is a reddish wash on the flanks. During the dry season the upperside turns orange-brown.

Weight – 280 grams, head-body length – 22 cm.


The Grey-bellied Squirrel occurs in Peninsular Burma, most of Thailand, western parts of Laos, and most of Peninsular Malaysia (except the southernmost areas). Its range does not extend to Singapore. The species has been introduced to parts of Japan.


They are diurnal, typical of most squirrels. They settle in trees, in hollows or among branches and build a nest.


Its diet comprises fruits, seeds, flowers and insects.


Gestation lasts about a month, during the year one female can bring 2-3 litters, each of which has 3-4 cubs (maximum-6).


The average life expectancy is 15 years.

For keeping squirrels a spacious cell is necessary. An approximate cell size: height 60 cm, length and width - 50 cm each. The frame must be metal, as the squirrel will try to get out.The frame is covered with a metal mesh with cells of 10-15 square mm. The wheel and socket should be placed outside the cage. The cage must have shelves, branches, snags in order for the animal to actively move. But not just for that. The squirrel needs to constantly sharpen its claws, otherwise they will grow so much that the animal will hardly move on the dirt and wooden floor, "stick" to the fabric with its claws. The animal during the light period is constantly active, inquisitive, and quickly moves from one activity to another.

These squirrels can be kept with other animals, they all get along well. Unless, of course, they are outright predators.

In feeding, these animals are unpretentious, which in no case means monotonous feeding. On the contrary, you should use a variety of feeds - all kinds of nuts, sunflowers, various grains, any, a variety of fruits, yoghurts, cottage cheese, boiled, and sometimes raw quail eggs. In nature, squirrels often eat chicks, so sometimes their table can be varied and a piece of cooked lean beef or chicken.