Capra hircus
30 000 rub.


Cameroonian dwarf goat(Capra hircus)

Class — mammalia
Order — artiodactyla
Family — bovidae

Genus – capra


Some animals have wedge-shaped elongated bodies, expanding to the tails, which is more typical for dairy breeds. By nature, goats may have small сrescent-shaped and backward-curved horns, but most breeders decontaminate animals before they are two weeks old. There are also hornless representatives of the breed. The legs of animals are slender, proportional, short, on small and neat hooves of amber color.

The height of adult males at the withers is 55-60 centimeters. Adult females are 40-52 centimeters tall. The weight of goats is up to 30-45 kilograms. The weight of lambs at birth is 450-400 grams. The length of the body is from 50 to 70 centimeters with a tail.

Their wool is of medium length. The color of Cameroonian goats can be varied: from white or slightly caramel to dark brown, gray-brown and coal black.

The fat of milk is about 6%, the milk yield is small: 1.5-2 liters per day, the duration of lactation is about 5 months. Milk and meat differ in quality, are healthy for the humans, and do not have unpleasant odors.


The breed was developed in Central Africa.


Cameroonian dwarf goats are very friendly, intelligent, and can be trained well. They are perfect for keeping in small farms or for a circus.


The basis for feeding of Cameroonian goats is hay. A dwarf goat needs up to 1,5 kg of hay per day. As a top-up, you must give:

  • concentrates (grain, ready-made feed for goats) - 50-200 grams depending on age, weight and productivity;
  • vegetables, root vegetables, fruits-up to 1 kg per day;
  • branch feed.


The fertility rates of Cameroonians are quite high. From 1 to 4 little kids may be born in one breeding season. And since pregnancy lasts only 5 months, the Cameroonian goat may well produce offspring twice a year.

At 7 monthsCameroonian goats reach sexual maturity, but during this period, mating is not recommended. It is better to wait until the goat is at least twelve months old. To control this process it is better to keep males and females in different sheds.


This dwarf goat can live up to 22-25 years.

Two conditions must be specially for keeping goats: a warm shed and a spacious pen. A warm room for Cameroonian goats is simply necessary, as they are not adapted to cold winters. The area up to 0.8-1 m2 of floor is required for one animal.It is undesirable to keep one Cameroonian in one enclosure, but if there is no way out, then you should count for 1.2-1.4 m2 of floor per head. Inside the barn should be equipped with shelves where dwarf goats will sleep. To light the room, you need windows, it is desirable to install them so that the goats can look outside. You also need artificial light to extend the daylight hours in winter-it is advisable to turn on the light from 6 am to 8-9 PM. When it is frosty up to 15 degrees below zero, it is better to leave the goats in the barn for the whole day.

A pen for miniature goats is arranged at the barn — you should make a separate exit for animals from the barn directly into the aviary. The area for one head should be no less than 3-5 m2 of paddock area. You should equip the paddock with various slides and trees. Be sure to place feeders for coarse feed, or put a whole roll of straw.

For watering goats in winter, it is necessary to use only warm water.