Leopardus geoffroyi, or Oncifelis geoffroyi
700 000 rub.

Geoffroy's cat(Leopardus geoffroyi, orOncifelis geoffroyi)


Class — mammalia
Order — сarnivora
Family — felidae

Genus – leopardus


The Geoffroy's cat is about the size of a domestic cat, but has numerous black spots and dark bands on the cheeks, head and neck as well as on the tail and limbs. The background colour of its fur varies from a brownish-yellow coat in the northern part of its range to a more grayish coat in the south. The underbelly hair is cream-coloured or even white. The backs of the ears are black with white spots. Black individuals are common.Its size is about 60 cm (24 in) in head and body with a relatively short tail of about 31 cm (12 in). It weighs between 2 and 5 kg (4.4 and 11.0 lb), though individuals up to 7.8 kg (17 lb) have been reported. Males are usually larger than females, and Geoffroy's cat in the south are larger than those from the north.


The Geoffroy's cat occurs in Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It inhabits pampas and savanna landscapes in the Gran Chaco from southern Bolivia to the Straits of Magellan. In the Andes it occurs up to altitudes of 3,800 m (12,500 ft). It prefers open woodland or scrubland with plenty of cover. It also occurs in grasslands and marshy areas. It seems to be common in central South American regions. In Bolivia, it is the second most common cat after the ocelot.


The Geoffroy's cat is nocturnal and a solitary hunter that contacts only during the mating season. Geoffroy's cats have been observed to stand up on their hind legs to scan the surrounding landscape and use their tail as a support, an unusual behaviour among cats. It is able to climb trees but rarely does, except to leave faeces to scent mark its territory.It is at the top of the food chain in its range and preys primarily on rodents, hares, small lizards, insects, and occasionally frogs and fish. Females maintain home ranges about 2 to 6 km2 (0.77 to 2.32 sq mi) in size, while males range over up to 12 km2.


The primary diet of this cat consists of rodents, hares, fish, reptiles, birds, and various small mammals.


The breeding season for Geoffroy's cats lasts from October to March. Mating during this time is brief and frequent, often taking place on a high ledge or similar site.Gestation lasts for 72–78 days.Most births occur between December and May. Litters consist of one to three kittens, and one or two is more common.

The kittens are born blind and helpless, weighing about 65 to 95 grams (2.3 to 3.4 oz), and develop rather more slowly than in the domestic cat. The eyes open after from eight to nineteen days, and they begin to eat solid food at six or seven weeks. Kittens become independent of their mother at around eight months, but are generally not sexually mature until 18 months for females and 24 months for males.

In captivity

The oldest captive Geoffroy's cat was at least 20 years old.

The best way to gain an animal`s respect is to hand-feed it since its childhood. So it will know that having you nearby is safe for it.

It is prohibited to play “fighting with an arm or a foot” with a kitten. It is better to use toys otherwise getting mature it will think that your own arms and feet are toys, it will bite and scratch them. It is recommended to play with a cat in the bathroom or in the swimming pool using “swimming” toys.

It is prohibited to shout at the cat or to beat it. For example, if it constantly climbs your dining table it should be punished by a spray or an air pump. You should say, ‘Don`t do it!” and blow hard. The catwill learn a lesson quickly and in the futurea verbal command will be enough.  

If playing a cat scratches or bites you, you should leave it alone. It will soon understand that it does something wrong if it is alone. These animals are very smart and require training as dogs do.

It is important all the family members pay attention to the cat. You are its parents, its flock where it is safe and it is grateful for it.

It is necessary to teach a cat to use a toilet with a filler (desirably with a wood one). If it pooped in the wrong place you shouldn`t scold at it, you should give a verbal explanation and show the right place.Keep its toilet clean.

It is necessary to vaccinate Geoffroy's cats as domestic cats. But you should be sure that the vaccination is of a good quality and does not contain active viruses. Otherwiseyourpetmayfallillanddie. Itisveryimportant. Your pet can`t explain you what it hurts that`s why if you pay attention to its strange behavior and to the strange way it moves you must take it to the vet immediately.

Its diet consists of some raw meat with bones – poultry and beef (for example, chicken and quail thighs, wings, hearts, liver, cervixes). It`s preferably to add special vitamins with calcium supplements. Grownup cats eat from 0.3 up to 0.8 kilos of meat per day.