Felis wiedii, or Leopardus wiedii
400 000 rub.

Margay(Felis wiedii, orLeopardus wiedii)


Phylum —chordata
Class — mammalia
Order — сarnivora
Family — felidae

Genus – leopardus


The margay is very similar to the larger ocelot in appearance, although the head is a little shorter, the eyes larger, and the tail and legs longer. It weighs from 2.6 to 4 kg (5.7 to 8.8 lb), with a body length of 48 to 79 cm (19 to 31 in), and a tail length of 33 to 51 cm (13 to 20 in). Its fur is brown and marked with numerous rows of dark brown or black rosettes and streaks. The undersides are palerand the tail has numerous dark bands and a black tip. The backs of the ears are black with circular white markings in the center.Most notably the margay is a much more skillful climber than its relative, and it is sometimes called the tree ocelot because of this ability.


The margay is found from southern Mexico, through Central America and in northern South America east of the Andes. The southern edge of its range reaches Uruguay and northern Argentina. They are found almost exclusively in areas of dense forest, ranging from tropical evergreen forest to tropical dry forest and high cloud forest. Margays have sometimes also been observed in coffee and cocoa plantations.


The margay is nocturnal, but has also been observed hunting during the day in some areas. It prefers to spend most of its life in trees, but also travels on the ground, especially when moving between hunting areas. During the day, it rests in relatively inaccessible branches or clumps of lianas. It is usually solitary and lives in home ranges of 11–16 km2 (4.2–6.2 sq mi). It uses scent marking to indicate its territory, including urine spraying and leaving scratch marks on the ground or on branches. Its vocalizations all appear to be short range; it does not call over long distances.


This cat hunts small mammals, including monkeys, and birds, eggs, lizards and tree frogs. It also eats grass, fruit and other vegetation, most likely to help digestion. The margay is able to hunt its prey entirely in trees.However, margays do sometimes hunt on the ground, and have been reported to eat terrestrial prey, such as cane rats and guinea pigs.


Female margays attract males with a long, moaning call. The male responds by yelping or making trilling sounds, and also by rapidly shaking his head from side to side. Copulation lasts up to sixty seconds, and is similar to that in domestic cats; it takes place primarily in the trees, and occurs several times. Gestation lasts about 80 days, and generally results in the birth of a single kitten (very rarely, there are two) usually between March and June. Kittens weigh 85 to 170 g (3.0 to 6.0 oz) at birth. The kittens open their eyes at around two weeks of age, and begin to take solid food at seven to eight weeks. Margays reach sexual maturity at twelve to eighteen months of age. Cubs suffer from a 50% mortality rate.

In captivity

Their lifespan is from 10 to 17 years.

The best way to gain an animal`s respect is to hand-feed it since its childhood. So it will know that having you nearby is safe for it.

It is prohibited to play “fighting with an arm or a foot” game with a kitten. It is better to use toys otherwise getting mature it will think that your own arms and feet are toys, it will bite and scratch them. It is recommended to play with a cat in the bathroom or in the swimming pool using “swimming” toys.

It is prohibited to shout at the cat or to beat it. For example, if it constantly climbs your dining table it should be punished by a spray or an air pump. You should say, ‘Don`t do it!” and blow hard. Margay will learn a lesson quickly and in the future a verbal command will be enough.  

If playing margay scratches or bites you, you should leave it alone. It will soon understand that it does something wrong if it is alone. These animals are very smart and require training as dogs do.

It is important that all the family members pay attention to margay. You are its parents, its flock where it is safe and it is grateful for it.

It is necessary to teach margay to use a toilet with a filler (desirably with a wood one). If it pooped in the wrong place you shouldn`t scold at it, you should give a verbal explanation and show the right place. Keep its toilet clean.

It is necessary to vaccinate Margayslike domestic cats. But you should be sure that the vaccination is of a good quality and does not contain active viruses. Otherwise your pet may fall ill and die. It is very important. Your pet can`t explain you what it hurts that`s why if you pay attention to its strange behavior and to the strange way it moves you must take it to the vet immediately.

Its diet consists of some raw meat with bones – poultry and beef (for example, chicken and quail thighs, wings, hearts, liver, cervixes). It`s preferably to add special vitamins with calcium supplements. Grownup cats eat from 0.3 up to 0.8 kilos of meat per day.